Front (Keypad)

Width: 65mm Length: 380mm
Operating temperature: -20 – + 50C

Back (Main Body)

Width: 45mm Length: 105mm

Lock Case

Strengthened polymer


CE, FC, IP65
IK10 (Optional)


Pin-code, RFID, remote control, mobile
Optional: biometric


Wireless, wired (dry contact or protocol)


ADIOS cloud, Smart Home, 3rd party access control system


Rechargeable NiMh battery pack
Up to 1500 openings per charge
Optional: continuous power

Advanced operating system

Can be integrated with door controller for fully automated door opening solutions.

Advanced operating system

The Adios Smart Lock system uses highly encrypted data exchange protocols for internal and external communication. Further, a range of connectivity options such as wireless, dry contact and ADIOS cloud services gives a high flexibility when adapting to specific security needs.

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