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Logistics Companies

A Smart Business Lock

Warehouses, distribution centres and storage rooms are often in remote areas and are frequently accessed. The ADIOS system enables you not only to lock and manage multiple doors securely from a distance, but also to receive information about its use and status as we. Further due to its flexible architecture, it can easily scale with the changing needs.

Why Retail Companies Need ADIOS?

High Security

Secure and full lock of the bolts

Fits Any Door

A retrofit solution that fits any door and mortise lock

Comprehensive Management

Manage complex scenarios and multiple doors on your our access control system

Warehouses & Logistics Companies

Be able to manage and control access of employees and suppliers to the warehouse. Increase safety and reduce risk of theft and the required number of guards.


Confidential areas such as CEOs and CFOs office rooms require enhanced access control in order to avoid unauthorized access.

Retail & Commercial

For doors that are used by employees, customers and suppliers at the same time enhanced access control and security is crucial to prevent theft of equipment, documents or valuables.

case studies

Retail & Warehouses

Superpharm, a drugstore and cosmetics chain chose ADIOS to protect all its warehouse doors, integrated with its security company's Access Control system.

The ADIOS Cloud Services

The ADIOS cloud service allows many advanced permissions and settings that help the organization to control its doors and restrict entrance to certain doors. It is available in our cloud or via API.

Add/Remove users
Access limits (days/hours)
Door status
Access log (history)
Emergency open button
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