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Smart Homes Start With Smart Doors

Apartment and house owners as well as renters look for high security to protect their valuables or in case of AirBnB the valuables of their guests. Better control enables to know when for instance your kids are home or you guests have arrived. The capability to open doors and manage access control from anywhere increases efficiency and convenience significantly. The ADIOS system offers all 3 benefits in one solution out of the box.

Why Private Apartment Owners Need ADIOS?

High Security

Secure and automatic full lock of the bolts give homeowners and visitors the sense of safety and hosts enjoy the notion that the door is always locked.

Fits Any Door

A retrofit solution that fits any door and mortise lock.


Manage door & guests permissions on one or multiple doors from the comfort of your home on our secure cloud service.

Opens from Anywhere

Open the door from anywhere in the world with a mobile app.

Cost Effective

High value at reasonable cost, saves money for lock or cylinder replacement and endless key duplications.

Private Apartments & Houses

Private apartment and house owners and renters care about their privacy and convenience. With ADIOS they can enjoy both and forget about carrying home keys, replacing cylinder occasionally, worrying about forgetting to lock the door. Being able to open the door from remote for a babysitter, works or guests is another benefit.


Be a smart host! No matter if you manage one or 10 apartments on Airbnb or a similar platforms, our smart lock will not only keep the home of your guests safe but also enable you to offer a virtual 24x7 reception allowing your guests to access the apparent at any time of the day. On the other hand, through ADIOS Cloud Service you get full transparency of how to access the apartment as well as the possibility to remotely open a door for instance for maintenance workers.

Real Estate Projects

As ADIOS can be seemlessly integrated into any smart home system, it can increase the value of real estate project. Further it can also be installed in public doors of apartment buildings for increased security.

Case Studies

Rosh Apartments

ADIOS smart lock in combination with ADIOS Cloud enabled Rosh to not only manage apartments in different locations in two countries from remote, but it also enabled them improve customer service quality through a 24-7 apartment reception service.





The ADIOS Cloud Services

The ADIOS cloud service allows many advanced permissions and settings that help the organization to control its doors and restrict entrance to certain doors. It is available in our cloud or via API.

Add/Remove users
Access limits (days/hours)
Door status
Access log (history)
Emergency open button
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