Smart Hotels Use Smart Locks

ADIOS is not only an access control system for hotel rooms - it provides unique and cost effective connectivity solution enabling you a 24x7 visability of who is entering any door in a hotel. Optionally the cloud based management system enables smaller hotels to provide their guests 24x7 access to their room even when there is no receiption.

Why Hotels and Motels Need ADIOS?

High Security

External guest rooms in motels as well as internal doors such as alcohol storage room require a high-level of security and monitoring.

Fits Any Door

A retrofit solution that fits any door and mortise lock.


Manage guests permissions on multiple doors from the reception using your or our Access Control system. Monitor the time spent by the maintenance team in each room. Reduce room theft and unauthorized room usage to zero.


Allow your guests key-less and card-less entry using bracelets or code for a better vacation experience. Reception-less check-in is now possible!

Cost Effective

High value at reasonable cost, saves money on room thefts and reception employees at pick hours and late night. Improve your control of important doors that need to be locked

case studies

Diana Seaport

Diana Seaport Apartments Hotel Haifa with 96 rooms and 10 maintenance doors is a good example of how a hotel can enjoy our Access Control system and ADIOS cloud service while upgrading the customer experience of its guests.

Vila Courchevel

Vila Courchevel in Courchevel, France offers its guests a great experience with our convenient bracelets instead of keycards.

The ADIOS Cloud Services

The ADIOS cloud service allows many advanced permissions and settings that help the organization to control its doors and restrict entrance to certain doors. it is available in our cloud or via API.

Add/Remove users
Access limits (days/hours)
Door status
Access log (history)
Emergency open button
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