A Smart & Secure Lock

High security organizations need to make sure that their doors are fully locked and not just closed. Access control is crucial and also the efficiency of the integration process. With ADIOS you get it all. No need to replace locks or existing access control system - we can retrofit and integrate in a cost effectiv way. ADIOS is designed to function in a complex environments such as mutliple doors and third party access control systems and offers a series of high security features including advanced permissions and dual security.

Why Institutions Need ADIOS?

High Security

Secure and full lock of the bolts

Fits Any Door

A retrofit solution that fits any door and mortise lock

Comprehensive Management

Manage complex scenarios and multiple doors on your access control system


In case of tamper alerts at night, no need to break in or wait for keys - security services or police can immediatley get in and check.


Governmental offices, army bases, embassies, communication centers, they all have important doors that require a combination of high-level of security (full lock of the doors) and access control.


Universities need Access Control to many important research facilities and labs.


Valuable pieces of art require a high-level of security and access control. In case of a tamper alert at night, no need to break in or wait for keys.


Due to insurance and regulatory requirements, unauthorized access to hazardous and dangerious materials needs to be prevented respectively.


Areas of high-value equipement and medicine require a higher level of security and access control.


A smart city also includes smart doors - schools, kindergardens, shelters, warehouses, offices and public centers benefit from increased security and easy to use and scalalbe door management locally and from the remote.

Case Studies


Israel's Prime Minister's office chose ADIOS to secure some very important doors, integrated with a local Access Control system.


Israel's Antiquities Authority uses ADIOS to protect and manage its highly secured doors and what's behind it.


The city of Haifa in Israel has chosen ADIOS for a pilot project of managing access control of shelters.

The ADIOS Cloud Services

The ADIOS cloud service allows many advanced permissions and settings that help the organization to control its doors and restrict entrance to certain doors. It is available in our cloud or via API.

Add/Remove users
Access limits (days/hours)
Door status
Locking / Unlocking
Access log (history)
Emergency open button
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