Opportunities for Partners

Whether you are a distributor of access control systems, a security service provider, a telecom with smart home solutions or a senior care service provider - If you are interested in a partnership, please leave us your details and we'll get back to you to discuss your questions.

A Smart Opportunity for Various Verticals!

Smart Home Suppliers

ADIOS can be connected to every smart home system in the world, so that the system will operate the door as well. As smart home supplier, it's the perfect addition to your portfolio of products.

System Integrators

ADIOS can be connected to any smart home system to operate doors as well. As a smart home supplier, ADIOS is the perfect addition to your solution portfolio.

Distributors & Resellers

Almost every small-to-large low voltage project requires access control. ADIOS can provide you with a smart locking solution for doors and integration to existing access control system or as a stand alone cloud based solution.

Security Companies

As a security service company you can integrate our turnkey solution and enhance your offer by enhanced door protection and access control to highly secured areas.

Telecom Companies

Telecom companies look for smart home, smart office, smart building and smart city solutions to integrate into their service portfolio and promote the use of their cloud services. ADIOS technology can be offered as an OEM solution, therefore tailored to your needs and integrated as part of your service portfolio.

Senior Care Service Providers

Elderly care and life alert service companies need to get into homes of seniors in emergency situations. As sometimes nobody can open the door, such situations can be very costly and also valuable time is lost. Our solution enables you to get in emergency situations while maintaining a high level of safety by keeping the door locked. Several integration options are available to fit your service offering needs.

Locks Manufacturers or Distributors

A lock manufacturer understands the need to progress to smart locks, but the technology is different. We at SDS have a deep understanding of both fields and can provide an OEM solution that will operate with any type of lock.

Doors Manufacturors or Distributors

Standard doors are still quite popular but everybody understands that the future door will be a smart one. Our solution can be integrated into the door at the manufacturing stage as OEM solutions to be sold by the door manufacturors or by the distributors as an upsale.

case studies


Afkon, one of Israel's largest system integrators, uses ADIOS to protect and manage doors of goverment offices in Israel, including the ministry of foreign affairs and the Prime minister office.


Prizma, a security service company in Israel uses ADIOS to protect storage rooms and manage all the entries of suppliers and employees of the largest drugstore and cosmetics chain in israel.


Hermetix, a permium door manufacturor, chose ADIOS as their standard smart locking solution to be offered to every customer who buys Hermetix doors.

The ADIOS Cloud Services

The ADIOS cloud service allows many advanced permissions and settings that help the organization to control its doors and restrict entrance to certain doors. it is available in our cloud or via API.

Add/Remove users
Access limits (days/hours)
Door status
Access log (history)
Emergency open button
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