Why clients choose Adios?


Highest Security
Secure and full lock of the door latches and bolts


Seven access control options
Manage from anywhere


Open doors from anywhere in the world
Fits any door (retrofit solution)

  • "The ADIOS lock was the defining moment for our family: Secure, accessible and easy to use."

    Zachi Weisfeld, Head of Microsoft for Startups

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Security like you've never experienced before

  • The safest locking system in the world
  • Developed by former Rafael scientists
  • Chosen by Israel’s Ministry of Defense and the Prime Minister’s Office
  • Automatic locking bolts and full 360-bolt latch
  • Full control over the management and granting of access to the door
  • Mechanical backup for locking and opening
  • Automatic door locking when door is shut
  • Turbo mode to ensure the operation of “hard” locks
  • Optional: dual verification
  • Alert in an attempted break-in

CONTROL everything from everywhere in the world

  • Various Access Control options
  • Cloud-based Access Control system
  • Highly secured mobile app
  • Integration with any 3rd party access control system
  • Integration with any smart home system
  • A variety of proximity devices (chips, bracelets, stickers)
  • 6-digit door code
  • Automatic lock

Convenience - so convenient that you won't believe it

  • Opens and locks securely from anywhere in the world
  • No need to replace existing lock
  • Fits any door
  • Manages authorized access remotely
  • Add and remove a user instead of duplicating keys
  • Optional: full accessibility solution

Superior Technology

Developed by
ex-Rafael engineers
Backed by the Israeli Chief Scientist
Tested 250,000 times consecutively
Secure connection
Chosen by Israel's Ministry of Defense
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